Top Cities of the United States with the Fastest Internet

A report shared in 2018 by Speedtest U.S. Fixed Broadband Performance demonstrated that the development of gigabit among all the internet connections has now elevated to an estimated increase of 35.8% in terms of average downloading speed across the country. This also indicates that the U.S. now holds the seventh position internationally when it comes to the download speeds, and in terms of uploading speeds, it is at the 27th position worldwide.


Top Cities of the United States with the Fastest Internet


Ookla, an international internet speed testing company, carried this test in 2018 with a unique 25 million devices which delivered around .0115 million tests in the second and third quarters of that year. Amongst all the cities in the US, Kansas City managed to reach the top with the fastest downloading speed. The average fixed broadband speed was 159.18Mbps. Texas took the second and third positions with Austin and Lubbock internet downloading speed of 143.66 and 144.38 simultaneously.

Surprisingly, Google Fiber delivers the fastest and steady internet downloading speed to three out of the top five cities. On the other side, places like Memphis are still not delivering more than 44.86 Mbps on average which in comparison is still considered as slow as snail’s speed.

The fastest internet providing the city in the US for October 2019 was Smithsburg and then Randallstown at the second spot, and Harbor City on the 3rd position. While researching for this article, the original idea was to give a rough idea on average speed and city names of all the speed-tests for each city. Though, it was soon realized that drawing results based on the simple averages may lead to inaccurate outcomes.

Different internet plans and their speeds, home setups for networks, and the number of providers may lead to an aggregate number which kind of misrepresented the practicality of Internet users ‘experience in all these locations — even before bearing in mind the discrepancy amongst the numbers of internet speed tests offered in each area.


Fastest Internet Speed


Then the only wise solution could be to show the download speed of the internet connection from the speed-tests found in the 90th percent of all the previously conducted tests for a city in that particular month. This approach controls variables while decreasing the outer effect. So, it can be summarised assertively that 10% of the internet speed tests were way too faster than the speed shown, whereas 90% of them were slower than the rest.

It somehow determined that this technique is comparatively impartial yet correct for assessing the cities’ fastest internet download speed while monitoring the other variable factors that may distinguish through hundreds of internet providers and thousands of internet speed tests. You may have a look at the below-given table which the download speed in MBPS along with the available number of providers in that respective city.


CITY Download Speed (MBPS) No. Of Providers
Smithsburg MD 873.78 13
Randallstown MD 831.65 19
Harbor City CA 780.06 19
Copperopolis CA 740.52 10
Murrysville PA 730.86 13
Sanibel FL 701.10 12
Maspeth NY 688.56 17
Hoschton GA 684.08 12
Piedmont OK 666.28 15


It is pretty much evident that the infrastructure created for the internet testing is not the same. Some of the top cities on the west and east coasts are somewhat the names that one may expect to see there; look in the center, and there you may be able to see some surprising names. Cities that deliberately invest in fiber networks and put in the effort as to bring in the top providers strongly outdo the cities that are still less-connected when it comes to citywide access to powerful Internet service. If you do not have access to the fastest internet connection in your area, do check Spectrum Internet Deals and see if it is available in your area, you won’t regret your decision.

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