5 Tips for buying Antivirus Software for Home User

When it comes to computer security, many antivirus software names can come up in our minds. But it becomes very difficult choosing one which best fits our needs and budget. In this article I will show you how you can choose the best antivirus for yourself as a home user and possibly also save some money.


Tips for buying Antivirus Software


1. Know your needs:

The most important point to note while buying antivirus software is to select the right product. There are many versions of antivirus, which come with single and multi PC licenses, so know your needs first.

If you need a single PC license, then don’t go for a multi license product as it may cost more and it will not be used to its full potential.

And if you are buying antivirus software for a small business or a big enterprise, then choose the correct product accordingly. All antivirus companies have different offers for corporate users.

I would recommend you buy antivirus with total protection which also incorporates internet protection, if you are using the internet from your home. It will make your surfing more secure and your computer less vulnerable to malicious websites.


2. Ease of use & Performance:

This is the most important point for me when it comes to buying antivirus software for myself.

I choose a product which is easy to use and utilizes less PC resources, so that I can work efficiently. If you choose wrong antivirus software, you may be frustrated to see your system performance and may think to buy another.

So, read the review and go for the antivirus software that work smoothly without degrading your system performance.


3. Cloud Backup:

Cloud storage is widely popular now and is a good way to save your important data on cloud servers, to make it available at time of hard disk failure.

Antivirus with cloud storage will backup your files and will store in their encrypted servers, tough cost of that will be higher than normal antivirus protection.


4. Test and Buy:

Every antivirus product company gives free trial offer for 30 days [may increase or decrease depending upon the company], so you can utilize it and try the antivirus software first before purchasing it.

This will not only protect your computer for the time being but will also save some money. So always first try the product and then only buy.


5. Value for Money:

While buying antivirus software, you should think once, that the product which you are going to buy is providing what you expected and is a full value for the money.

For that you will have to consider the above points and should buy only after having done so.


Additional Tip: If you are not in a hurry buy antivirus software during festival time like Easter, Good Friday, Christmas, etc. as you can get the best deals during this period. And can save good amount of money!


So above were some of the key points which you should note while buying antivirus software as a home user to protect your computer from virus attacks. If you have other criteria for choosing antivirus, then I would love to hear that from you. Do leave your valuable feedback and comments below.

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