Technology & (Un)Employment

Impact of technology on employment

Changes have been stirred across the world thanks to technology. Technology is an issue that draws various opinions from people. Many share the idea that technology has promoted good rather than bad features, while others think that technology is an evil and has brought more bad than good to the modern society. It is true that technology has its fair share of elements that can be considered harmful and can be seen to have brought problems to the world. The most noticeable impact of technology in today’s world is automation.




This has brought about a war between men and machines as humans feel like machines are replacing them and taking over their jobs. Indeed computers have taken over many jobs, but in some other ways, machines have eased the workload. The issue arises when a job that before needed human labour of multiple people now only requires one person to operate the machine.

Therefore, as much as many individuals have lost their job, the workload has been eased by the use of machines, not to mention the speed at which work gets delivered. This means that only a skilled person who possesses the knowledge of operating the machine gets the job. This leaves the rest jobless, and if they do not upgrade their skills, then they will become obsolete. However, if they enhance their skills in learning how to operate machines, then they get better jobs and better pay.


unemployed men Standing in Queued


This shows how technology has raised living standards and better livelihoods through well-paying jobs. Also, it indicates that technology has widened the brains of the human race in that by trying not to be irrelevant in the work field, the man now has to go to school, learn how to use computers and other machines.


Even though people complain of technology having robbed them of their jobs and making them obsolete, in reality, the very opposite is often the case. History gives us a different opinion that shows how even though in the past many professions that were done manually do not exist any more, overall unemployment rates generally remained unaltered. Statistics have simply not reported any huge unemployment rates since the widespread adoption of technology.


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Manual jobs have been replaced by computer and machine jobs and this in itself has created more jobs than before. The number of new jobs (such as for example Web development/design, App development, Online Marketing, etc.), created every day using computers is massive, easier and efficient.

One technology that has greatly improved the global labour market is the Internet. The Internet can surely be termed the greatest visionary innovation of all time, up until this point in time at least. Apart from expanding the job market, it has also made finding work in general significantly easier for millions of people around the World through the introduction of job search tools, such as for example Using such tools (apps/websites), one can search for a job anywhere, anytime and at a high speed – something impossible 50 years ago when jobs could only be found in one’s locality.


In addition to this, the Internet has created jobs for many people who are now software designers and computer engineers. These fields need many individuals who earn good salaries, and their jobs are respectable. Therefore, quite contrary to what today’s technology-sceptics might say, technology and employment actually have a positively correlated relationship.

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