Planning to Buy a New Car? Get It for Free with ‘Social Stock’!

Nowadays Internet is full of numerous money-getting ways. That`s the biggest job portal both for beginners and highly skilled specialists. And just imagine a situation when you are not just earning money and get awesome stuff, but also help our your friends with great discounts and special offers. Moreover, you don`t even need a site to start your online business. How? As easy as a pie with new ‘Social Stock’ project from Template Monster.


For starters let us tell a few words about ‘Social Stock’ to those who don’t know about it and list the weighty reasons to participate. Social Stock is a contest carried out by, a web design and development giant, having the irreproachable reputation and 13 years of experience on the market. Why should you be interested in ‘Social Stock’? To stay up to date, to get unique promo code for all their products and to get real money and prizes.

You can win an iPod Shuffle 2GB, $100 to your PayPal, Smartwatch Pebble, iPad mini, iPhone 6, Canon EOS 6D, or MacBook Pro, Harley-Davidson Street or even Tesla Model S. We are not kidding, that really works! They already have happy winners and share their stories on social media.


Social Stock Car


Who can take part in the contest? The company makes no restrictions. the only thing you need to have is a strong desire to get their prizes and help other people with special discounts. What do you need to participate? Your website or social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

What do you need to do to get the prize you wish? Nothing too complex or time consuming. Just help your friends to launch their own websites or blogs, saving on their designs. As soon as you sign up for the contest, the company gives you a unique 10% promo code on any product available in stock.

They have nearly 50,000 premium ready-made templates powered by popular engines and created for different business niches. The company will also supply you with some useful tools (like memes for social networks, text messages, different samples of ready-made messages and quick solution of sending the promo-code to all the contact list at once) that will help you be more effective and bring you closer to your dream.


Social Stock buzz


Are you ready to enroll, help your friends promote their businesses on the internet and get a pleasant reward for that? Then, take the following 5 steps.

  1. Apply for registration in the contest.
  2. Get a 10% unique promo-code for all TemplateMonster’s products.
  3. Share it with your friends.
  4. Check how many times it has been used and choose the prizes accordingly.
  5. Enjoy the prizes and the fact that you’ve helped your friends to start their own website.


Social Stock Gifts


Are you already intrigued and want to participate? You can read more details on ‘Social Stock’ contest and start your prize hunt here. We wish you good luck and remember: ‘Long way to Fuji starts with the first step’.

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