How Is Personalized Marketing Helping Businesses to Survive During the Pandemic?

We all have been significantly affected by the pandemic. It has created a shift in every life sector.

The marketing sector has also included personalized marketing as a new trend. The sales and marketing department has widely consumed the techniques of personalization for the sales of the product.

I knew most of us were already preparing to shift to this one, but pandemic gave it a boost.


Personalized Marketing


Almost 21.96 million people visit shopping websites on a monthly basis. To stay intact with the customers, companies consumed digital channels. Let me explain; the digital marketing agencies were trending for a decade.

But, after the pandemic, it was the only source to promote the products. Therefore, the companies widely consumed it in a personalized manner to maintain the revenue generation process.


Coronavirus impact


But where is the personalization in it? Personalized marketing is a kind of digital marketing in which customized messages are being sent to every customer.

In the time of chaos, a personalized message by the organization creates a positive and supportive impression.

This is the key feature that influences consumer buying behavior during the pandemic. I believe that this technique is being used previously, but wasn’t that much convincing.

I’ll elaborate on the specific impacts that this technique has created on supporting a business during the pandemic.


1. Establishing Digital Relationship

The hassle of the world, and the strict schedule left little time to get attracted and inspired by things.

But during the pandemic, there was plenty of time and loneliness. Imagine you are sitting alone and hungry, suddenly a message pops up asking you for food.

Can you feel it? This is the magic that personalized marketing has created. Customers who only prefer to visit the physical store are now using digital platforms, almost 141% more.

The market giants who have crushed your small physical store were out-thrown during the pandemic.

This technique’s usage has influenced the emotional aspect and has attracted a more extensive, targeted audience. Let me explain this from another perspective.

The larger segment moves towards the digital approach, now the heavy traffic crashes or slows down many market leaders’ platforms. At this moment, people move towards other business also.


2. Sales via Direct Channels

Many of the organization’s supply chain was freeze, due to different entities involved were unable to function. Declining, 20% to 30% trade volume globally.

The intermediaries in the sales channel were eliminated for the direct sales channel development. If an organization is practicing personalized marketing, it means they have the data of the customers.

This data enables them to coordinate and ship the products to the customers directly.


Sales via Direct Channels


This has befitted business in many ways. The first is that it reduces the efforts of the supply chain. Another is that it reduces the cost of shipment.

All of these ultimately lead to an increase in the business’s sales. Even the larger brands are using digital platforms and encouraging people to use these platforms.


3. Providing Efficiency

Have you ever heard the mantra ‘Content is the King’? In the pandemic, Data was also the king and still is.

The personalized messages sent to the people with their name or history was highly effective. It will be clear from the example of Uber, and people love using this app.

The Uber drivers were unable to work; they send a personalized message to every customer with the number of hours they have traveled with Uber.

They ask for the donation by providing this information. This was also adopted by other organizations and was a successful move.


4. Only the Relevant One

As per the statistics mentioned in Gartner’s survey, almost 38% of the web traffic does not convert into sales. This is due to improper or exaggerated information.

The personalized marketing technique reflects its feasibility, as it only portrays what you need.

See, you sent an email to the customer regarding the massive list of products selling on your website.

Will, it leads to sales? I don’t think so. Instead, you send an email or utilize the do my essay for me, with a specific tagline of the product that he/she has purchased or searched for.

This is why; the personalized technique was more effective. Do you know why this was that much effective? This is because; we are already exhausted. Or you can say we get bore of email marketing or content filled messages as these emails create spam and junk.


5. Adopting AI

I knew we all are aware of the significance of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business. When even the Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) were facing web traffic during the pandemic, many organizations adopt AI, almost 54%.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


It is also a fact that most of the organizations were preparing to adopt the technology or were intended to. But it was hurdled by several different issues. The pandemic serves as a kick start for the adoption of AI and digital marketing. But how does that support business?

The adaptation enables us to hold more considerable web traffic. Increase the productivity of the organization. It also enhances the performance of the target page and sales platforms.


6. Creating a New Normal

Well, it is too early to predict anything, but the impacts are visible. Prioritize marketing has become the new trend.

The pandemic has created an impact on every individual differently. But the common effect in on the communication. Since then, people have changed their communication habits either positively or negatively.

In this situation, the old marketing techniques cannot provide any benefit. Prioritize marketing with a customized message is the only left option to enhance your business growth.

The usage of Omni-channel for marketing is the new normal.


While Summing Up

This is how the pandemic has turned the game for digital marketers. Personalization is, without any doubt, one of the best techniques to target your audience and ask them to purchase.

If you haven’t adopted the strategy yet, do not wait for it anymore. This is high time to go with personalized marketing.

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