OnePlus 3T Midnight Black SALE Starts on 31st March 2017

Another good news for OnePlus smartphone users after the launch of OnePlus 3T phone as a limited edition of OnePlus 3T is coming. If color matters to you then you should check OnePlus 3T Midnight Black limited edition, which is going on sale on 31st March 2017 on If you are an OnePlus phone lover like me and want to know more about how to register for this SALE and what is special about this phone, then do read complete article.


OnePlus 3T Midnight Black availability


OnePlus 3T Midnight Black is a limited edition phone and will be available only till the stocks last on 31st March, 2PM (IST) at and also could be available at


Why OnePlus 3T Midnight Black is So Special?


The special thing about this Midnight Black collection lies in its black color back. As per OnePlus team, they have worked very hard over a long period of time to bring this special edition. Specifically, after 30 trials and variation they have come up with this premium all-black, metal OnePlus 3T midnight black edition phone.

On a space grade aluminum 14 microns thick dark coating is applied and this process is repeated 3 times to give this phone stunning black color. Also a special anti-fingerprint layer is applied at the back cover to keep this device safe from getting dirty.

This Smartphone is already launched in Europe, Hong Kong & North America on 28th March and many people has got hands on it. As per TheVerge this special edition black OnePlus 3T is a very nice black phone.


How To Register for OnePlus 3T Midnight Black Sale


To take part in OnePlus 3T Midnight Black sale, you will have to register yourself with Once you register with then you will see confirmation link. And once the SALE is live you will be notified through email. So register will account you use regularly.

This is exclusive edition, so these phones are manufactured in limited quantity and slots. So don’t miss the chance and do register if you are looking to buy this Smartphone.



Price of OnePlus 3T Midnight Black


As per the OnePlus and Amazon website, OnePlus 3T Midnight Black (128GB) is available for Rs. 34,999. This limited edition is not available in 64GB version and if you like the phone you will have to buy it only on the 128GB version for Rs. 35K.

I think for many of us, this amount for OnePlus 3T Midnight Black limited edition could be costly, if you have already purchased OnePlus 3 phone. And if you don’t have OnePlus 3 phone this is the time to grab limited edition OnePlus 3T.

Let us know what are your views about this new special edition phone of OnePlus 3T through your comments and whether you are going to buy it or not. If you like to involve others in this discussion, do share this article.

We have already purchased OnePlus 3 phone and soon we are coming with its long term review. This review will be basis on using this phone for 6 months. Will tell about what are the pros and cons of this phone and whether we have faced any problem with OnePlus 3 or not. So do subscribe to get an email alert.

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