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Trend of buying and selling used mobiles in India has increased a lot and the tempo of the online shopping of old mobiles speaks the language of OLX, and the slogan, “chachu bech daal” is now acting like a magic all around. With OLX.in you could buy, sell the new or used product with ease. The trend of mobile phones changes more fast then the seasons of India and very soon the used mobile becomes a burden to the user. But now it is no more like this! Used mobiles in India could be sold anywhere or almost everywhere via a simple ad placed in OLX.in.




Yesterday only a friend of mine who had bought Nokia Lumia 625 for 16,800 a month ago was now fascinated towards the iPhone5. He wanted to sell his phone immediately so that he could get liquid cash immediately.

He visited a few shops but the results were not satisfactory. I suggested him to place an ad over OLX.in along with the picture of this phone. Within a few hours, only his one-month old phone was sold for 15K.


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There are many such incidents that could prove the utility of OLX.in to you. Snatch money from what you treat as waste. Upload it over OLX.in and get it sold fast. It will foray the world to cater your need and you will be able to sell or buy quickly. It is very simple to operate and takes only few minutes to upload.

Mobiles which are too common commodity these days always remain in demand. With the growing technology one is never satisfied with the mobile they have. Either you want to sell what you have or you want to buy a new one that is furnished with more qualities. Sometimes you may also desire to sell them as you are not satisfied with color, size or look of the phone. Whatever the case may be you could sell them here without any harassment. This site has a huge reach and almost half of the population of 42 countries is a part of it.

Whenever you want to buy any used mobile of any brand, no need to waste time roaming one shop to another, you can do it easily through OLX.in. Now no need to regret with your last phone or had to stick with it as you are scared that you will not get a good bargain for it as OLX.in is already here.

If you are selling the accessories too along with the phone it may act as additional advantage. The days are gone when regret used to follow every purchase. Now sell what you don’t like or you think will not fit your requirement as what is not needed by you may be a necessity to others.

Below are the 2 videos from OLX that I like the most. The first ad shows the people which are envy of their neighbors big car and other videos shows wife teasing husband and asking him to buy their bike on OLX. You can watch More videos at OLX channel.



Now no more your used phone should remain suspended in the corner of your wardrobe, get a good value of it and at the same time you will also satisfy the requirement of others. Now enjoy buy and sell of the used phone with ease and within your budget. Happy selling or buying!



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