Cool New Features That 5G Devices Will Have

The race for 5G is on, and this shiny new and improved network promises lightning-fast speeds and greater efficiency than ever. Its potential is so vast that it could render all of our current devices completely outdated. Proponents talk about the super-fast speeds enabling a new era of interconnected devices, creating an “internet of things” in which electronics can communicate with one another to make our lives easier.

Imagine everything from self-driving cars to homes that can regulate themselves and you have some idea of what to expect. But we’ll first be accessing 5G networks on our smartphones, so how will this basic device that we all rely upon have to adapt to fit in with these new capabilities? Although 5G devices are only prototypes at the moment, here are a few features that we could see in the not-too-distant future.


Features of 5G Devices


1. The ability to communicate with other devices.

One of the most exciting possibilities of 5G according to developers like Nokia Networks will be its ability to enable machine to machine communication on a whole new level. The Internet of Things will be made possible by the fast 5G speeds, so you can expect your future devices to be able to talk to one another without any input on your part. This will help save you time.


2. A more customized experience.

Devices should be more intuitive at the same time, which means that your device will quickly learn and adapt to your particular needs. It will be able to scale its applications to provide a more customized, user-friendly experience.


3. Greater efficiency.

Devices designed to use the power of 5G should theoretically be able to self-regulate not only to customize your user experience, but also to make the most of their own battery life. Connected devices will be smart enough to know that they are starting to run low on power, and will automatically adjust settings to combat this. You can already do this by downloading monitoring apps, but it should be built-in to new 5G devices.


4. Part of a global 5G network.

It’s estimated that by 2020 over 85 percent of the world will be connected with a minimum 3G connection, and over half will have upgraded to 4G. The idea behind 5G devices is that they will be able to work on all of these different networks, smoothly navigating between different connections so that everyone is part of a more consistent global network.

Manufacturers like Samsung have vowed to manufacture every new device in the future with an automatic internet connection, and once all of these various devices are automatically connected it can lead to great advancements in technology.


5. Superfast connection speeds.

But perhaps the most notable new feature in comparison to our current devices will be the insanely fast speeds that 5G will allow. Ericcson is currently testing a new 5G device that has been able to reach 2 Gbps regularly, which already far surpasses the 200 Mbps of the fastest 4G networks.

By the time a 5G device reaches the mass market, this will be fine-tuned even further for a smooth, seamless, and more efficiently rapid connection.



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