My Ad:Tech Experience 2013 New Delhi

Recently I visited Ad:Tech New Delhi 2013 which was held at The Leela Kempinski, Ambience Island, Gurgaon from 20th to 22nd February 2013. At ad:tech, I got a chance to meet many advertising networks, including old and new both, which help in website monetization, social networking application developers, Internet and digital marketing companies, promoters etc. and also attended few free workshops. So here I am sharing my Ad:Tech experience with you all.

adtech new delhi

What is Ad:Tech ?

Those who are new to advertising or online marketing, let me tell you that Ad:tech is the largest gathering of online marketers and different-different agencies, publishers, service providers meet together to share, learn, network and do business.

And this is not an Indian event, it is a global event which is organized all around the world in different countries like Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco, Singapore, London, Tokyo and New York.

I went to ad:tech 2013 using free expo pass, which included free entry to all the advertising booths, Exhibit Hall and Sponsored Workshops.

Ad:Tech event was sponsored by combined effort of many advertising companies. Only one was platinum sponsor and few were gold, some one has sponsored tea break and some has sponsored lunch. Ozone Media was the platinum sponsor of this event and OMG, Sapient Nitro and SVG Media were gold sponsors. There were many other sponsor like Times internet, Vcommission, Yahoo, Nimbuzz, danikbhaskar, AdNear etc.

Advertising Network which I Met in Ad:Tech

In ad:tech 2013, I came across many advertising networks and digital companies, but only able to discuss here which help publisher’s and advertisers both in advertising and monetizing.

Some big names in old advertising networks were Affinity, VCommission, Tyroo, Zedo, dgm, Xapads etc. They were all there to help new advertiser and publishers and also solved some of my query.

There were also some new advertising companies for publishers, which can be used by small and big publishers both, for website monetization. Some of new Advertising network which you must check out are Cuelinks, Yengo, OMG Network, Panthera Network, Neverblue etc.

We will be posting review, CPC, CTC rate and payment details for these new advertising network after our analysis and use. So keep visiting our blog.

Apart from Advertising networks, there were also some digital and social media marketing companies, Social networking app developers etc. I like TaggLabs very much for there innovative RFID social tag by which your Social Networking status automatically gets updated if are going to attend some event or conference. I tried it with my Facebook account and it really worked well. See below the example of it.

tagglabs facebook example

Also I came across a good singing portal “Singchana” where you can sing Hindi and English songs along with karaoke and can share it with your friends and family on social platforms.

Pictures of Ad:tech 2013 New Delhi

Ad:tech 2013 Pictures

Vcommission Ad:tech 2013 Pictures

Adtech 2013 Pictures

Affinity Ad:tech 2013 Pictures

SVG Ad:tech 2013 Pictures

Trootrac Ad:tech 2013 Pictures

Workshops and Seminar I attended

Though I have registered for many free workshops and seminars but was only able to make entry in few, due to tight schedule. More ways to make more sales : Beyond affiliate marketing by OMG, The Next Wave of Mobile Advertising – Inventory to Audience by Vserv, Taking RTB to the next level through holistic ad serving: your essential road map to gaining ROI by Adtech were some of the free workshop which I attended.

There was lot to learn from these workshops and seminar and I like the was speakers were addressing the crowd and there killer tips. I would love to discuss about these seminars and workshop in our upcoming posts.

There was also some special events like Yahoo! Wine Trail, Pub Crawl, BoxTV Experience, Mira! Mingle etc. and Affinity T-shirt giveaway and competition which were main attraction of the event.

This was the third time, that New Delhi has hosted this event and with lots of participation and I am very happy that I attended ad:tech this year and regret that I missed earlier ones. I will recommend all the publisher’s, advertisers, bloggers to attend Ad:Tech, as there you can always learn some new ways of making money, tips for making more sales and can also know about the latest happening in digital advertising. That was my experience in ad:tech 2013, do share your own experience if you have been to any ad:tech event and also share this with your friends and family so that they can also be part of it.


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