iPad Air 3: Some Speculations and Features

The next generation of iPad Air is almost around the corner. The previous two generations of iPad Air was launched consecutively in November 2013 and October 2014. As the third quarter of 2015 is approaching fast, we are getting closer to a new iPad Air release event as well. However, before the new iPad Air 3 makes it to the market, one or multiple iPhones will be unveiled and we shall have a new version of iOS, i.e. iOS 9. Nothing official has been announced regarding the iPad Air 3 as of yet, so we had to come up with few speculations which may or may not be true.


iPad air 3 Features


Hardware configuration

Since iPad Air 2, Apple has started making a different type of the same processor used in the recent iPhone to differentiate the use, yet stay within the same power. The last iPhone chip was A8, but the tablet variant was renamed A8X. Not only the name but also the working capability had been changed a little bit. On the iPad Air 2, the chip was made sufficiently powerful to keep delivering the necessary amount for a longer period of time without getting very hot and also better multitasking capability was added. To uphold the trend, we believe the iPad Air 3 will have the A9X chip, given that an A9 chip is going to be used in the upcoming iPhone this year.


The RAM chip was increased over a year’s gap from iPad Air to iPad Air 2. Adding another GB isn’t crucially required yet, unless Apple’s got something really surprising for their customers. The internal storage capacity was 128GB for both previous generations, it might be bumped up to 256GB if required; words has it Apple is preparing some sort of SSD-like faster memory chips for the next iPad.



Tablet cameras aren’t much important because unless a desperate time hits, people mostly prefer using smartphones for the photography. However, Apple still improved the camera on iPad Air 2 little bit – iPhone like features were introduced and the camera was fully functional, not some crappy piece of hardware. iPad Air 2 had a 8 megapixels camera with autofocus, the iPad Air 3 could have 13 megapixels with OIS.


In public, using tablet front cameras to capture selfies looks awfully ridiculous. But some people still prefer doing it. The front camera on iPad Air 2 was totally fine for selfies but we think it will get better in the upcoming iPad.



The iPad Air tablets are thin. Very thin, in fact. The first generation iPad Air was only 7.5mm thin, and the second variant was 6.1 mm thin. Reducing the value any further may cause the sturdiness to reduce as well, thus we believe Apple wouldn’t make the tablet any thinner than it is already now. Maybe slightly more, till 5.5 mm, but no further.


Everything else was identical on the previous two generations. The only difference on the iPad Air 2 was the home button which doubled as a fingerprint sensor just like the one in iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. The next iPad Air 3 will have this security feature but may the design may be presented in a different manner.



There have been leaks on the internet for past few months, none of them looks very authentic. Once we get our hands on authentic data, we shall come up with more specific assumptions on the iPad Air 3.

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