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WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS. Every WordPress expert agree that theme choosing has a huge impact on a website’s performance. The InTrigger team, who created a very good lead generation WordPress plugin, has recently run an experimented on the subject. While redesigning a website, they changed the theme which reduced the load by 50%! Choosing a WordPress theme is therefore an important choice, as it will condition what you can expect from your website.

The following question comes naturally: Which WordPress theme should I use to have the lowest possible load time? InTrigger published in an infographics a study that it conducted on 20 of the most popular WordPress themes, ranking them by performance. The importance of performance and load time for a website is well known.

The vast majority of eCommerce websites recognize that an one second increase of the loading time can have considerable repercussion on their business, KissMetrics’ estimation is of about a 7% loss on conversion rate for an increase of 1 second in the load time.

A important load time can also be interpreted by search engines as sign of poor quality. Performance doesn’t only affect the user experience, it’s a also a significant parameter to take into account in the site’s search engine optimization. An article by the search engine journal showed that Google search results ranking is strongly correlated with low load time pages.

Performance and load time are now a central concern for every webmaster as it not only affects the site’s ranking on search engines results but also the user experience For the many WordPress users, theme choosing is determining of the expected performances and load time.

With this great infographics, InTrirgger helps you make an educated choice, so that you do not build a website with a theme that will make it impossible to have an acceptable load time.


WordPress Themes - Performance and Average Load Time


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