[Infographic] Apple iOS 9: Top Features of The New Version Of iOS

iOS 9 beta version is already out in the market and tech enthusiasts are eagerly using it on their Apple smartphones. This new iPad and iPhone update brings small but worthwhile changes. The changes include advanced voice assistant Siri, refined spotlight search, wireless CarPlay, New font face, Multitasking and many more.


If you are eager about the latest version of iOS then you can register for this early version of the software and install it on your Apple devices. Also, you can help Apple to improve this mobile OS by reporting bugs and errors that you find in the OS.

Apple iOS 9 offers many features but some of them are just outstanding, let’s take a quick review of those features:


Low power mode that saves up to 3 hours of battery life


iOS 9 offers a low power mode that is able to reduce battery consumption and add up extra battery life. This option switches off the background apps that drain more battery power.


Car Play that lets you connect your Apple device to a vehicle


CarPlay is an awesome option that allows you to wirelessly connect your Apple device to your car’s system. After that you can easily control your car’s function by your smartphone such as air-conditioning, radio, music player etc.


Higher security with 6 digit passcode


Apple is very much concerned about security of your phone thus the company has introduced a 6 digit passcode in iOS 9 rather than the old 4 digit passcode. Also, the probable password combinations has reached up to 2 million, which has made it very difficult for hackers to crack it.

The tech world is excited about the official release of Apple iOS 9, although people have to wait until September or Fall 2015. There are so many other features of iOS 9 you can look for in the below visual picture. It is designed & developed by Nine Hertz – An iPad app development organization.


Apple iOS9 New features infographic


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