How We Got our Suspended Twitter Account Back

We all know that Twitter is a micro social networking platform, which allow us to share our views, thoughts or any other update we like in form of small messages, which are called Tweets. Twitter has become a very fast growing social networking site after it’s launched in 2006 and rank at 10th position globally, as per current Alexa rankings. Recently, we also joined this fast growing social networking site for our blog and started following other member’s in Twitter as suggested by Twitter itself. But all this amazing journey with twitter came to end few days back, when I saw that my Twitter account has been suspended without any notification.


Twitter Account suspended


It felt like my flying bird of Tweet has been captured by some hunter and has been put behind bars. The whole thing about this suspension came to my notice, when I repetitively try to Tweet one of our blog post and got the error saying something went wrong and try after sometimes.


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Then suddenly I logged into our Tech2Blog Twitter account and found that it was displaying Suspension notice at the top, as shown below.


Suspended Twitter account


After this, I immediately filed appeal for my suspended Twitter account at there help center and after day or two I got the reply, which gave me reasons why Twitter suspends accounts and there rules. After reading full email, I replied to them, that I do not got any suspension notification in my mail and asked them to activated my account back, as this was due to some technical error.


And after two days of my wait, I finally got email from them (Zendesk), stating that my account was caught in spam by mistake and now has been restored. Below is the actual reply which I got from Twitter.

Zendesk, Feb 19 03:43 pm (PST):


Twitter has automated systems that find and remove multiple automated spam accounts in bulk. Unfortunately, it looks like your account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake.

I’ve restored your account; sorry for the inconvenience.

Please note that it may take an hour or so for your follower and following numbers to return to normal.



After this incident, I gave little pressure to my brain and asked the question to myself, that’s what I did wrong that my account was caught by in spam accounts ?

So below are some points from my own experience which may have given invitation for my suspension and I think first one suits best for me.


Why Suspend Accounts


1. I was following other members aggressive, which is one of the reason of suspension and I came to know this when I read the twitter rule book.

Don’t know, then why Twitter display so many option’s to follow other on our twitter account. 🙂


2. Multiple Accounts : Twitter can also suspend your account if you have created multiple accounts for spamming and abusive purposes.


3. Inactive Accounts: If you are not using your Twitter account for more than 6 month, then your account can be removed without notice, so keep tweeting. If you are blogger then you can use auto tweet option for your website through Feedburner socialize option.


4. Spamming: Twitter is very strict to this word “Spamming” and if you try to spam some one and he reports about your account, then you can be suspended from twitter. And there is also one rule where you cannot post duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account.

You may also get banned from Twitter if large number of Twitter user’s are blocking you and If you are only putting links in your updates.

There many other points in twitter rule guide, which you must follow, if you don’t want to get your Twitter account banned. Please read all Twitter rules here.


How To Play safe with Twitter


If you don’t want to get banned from Twitter, then follow these simple and effective points.

1. Always respect other members in Twitter and don’t use aggressive or abusive language.

2. Don’t create multiple Twitter accounts for spamming.

3. Don’t send spam messages or links to other user’s.

4. Keep updating your Twitter status regularly. You can do this also sending a simple update via SMS.

5. Never start following other user in one go. Try to follow slowly and calmly without generating any red signal for twitter.


This is how I got my suspended Twitter account active again but you might be not so lucky, so please always follow the Twitter rules as stated above and in there website. If your account has got suspended and you want some help, then please feel free to leave your comment. If you like this article and it has helped you in any way then please consider it sharing.


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