Cleaning Up Your Brand: How To Separate The Professional From The Personal

Building a company from scratch takes dedication and a lot of perseverance. Those early days are tough. Bootstrapping entrepreneurs rely on personal numbers and emails and residential addresses. It’s cheap, but it hardly creates the best impression among customers.

But what choice do they have?

More than you might think, actually. With prices now so low, any business can clean up its act and appear a lot more professional than it is.

Here we’re going to look at some of the best ways to do this.




Separate Your Work From Your Personal Phone Number


Having the same phone for both work and your personal life can be a big hassle. You constantly have to answer your phone using your business greeting, just in case the person calling is a client. You also run the risk of falling back into regular social mode whenever a customer calls. What’s more, your voicemail and everything else is probably personalized to you, and not very professional.

The old-fashioned way to deal with this problem was to just get another phone for work. But that’s not exactly the most cost-effective method. Plus, business contracts tend to be horribly expensive. There is, however, another way. Services look Google Voice number allow you to have a separate number for your work calls. That means that you always know whether you’re getting a work or a personal call.


If You Don’t Have An Office, Use Mail Forwarding


Professional Office address in London


Having your home address broadcast over the internet for all to see is probably a bad idea for many reasons. The first is that it’s not secure for you. Anybody could find out where you live and pay you a visit.

The second reason is that it doesn’t look very professional when you use a personal address. Home addresses are a surefire way to tell your customers your business is actually in your bedroom.

But there’s a catch: how are you supposed to pay for an office when you’re just starting up? Mail forwarding – – could be an answer. Mail forwarding is a smart idea. Instead of all your mail going to your home address, you get given a new business address. This address is a regular office.

But you don’t do your work there from day to day. Instead, your mail is sent there and then forwarded to you. You can then use this as your address in all your correspondence. The idea is to make businesses more secure and professional front.


Get Your Own Domain Name Without Relying On Third Parties


There are loads of free domain names out there that you could use to launch your website. But the problem with free domain names is that they’re usually very wordy. The more words, the less memorable.




Fortunately, this is easy to solve.

All you have to do is set up a new domain name through one of the many domain providers, such as Then type in a new address for your business that’s relevant to the name. Steer clear of unusual spellings. You want your customers to be able to find you.

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