How To Embrace The Mobile Revolution As A Business

The mobile revolution has been looming for a decade. Ever since the first iPhone was launched eight years ago, a big change has been on the horizon. Other manufacturers followed suit and tablets strengthened the change. At the turn of the year, mobile internet access finally surpassed access from computers. We are moving forward to a world powered and driven by mobile technology. Whether it’s phones, tablets, watches or cars, our future is in mobile.


So, as a business, how can you embrace this information? How do you harness this change in consumer habit and capitalise on it? In this article, we’ll unveil some of the secrets to making a big impact in the mobile world. We’ll share the four big aspects that you need to focus on to embrace the revolution. The strongest businesses are already making these changes, so should you.


Build a responsive web design – First of all, your website must be accessible and functional on mobile devices. In the last few years, businesses have built two separate websites, one for mobile, and one for computer. Unfortunately, this is no longer sufficient. What you need is a ‘responsive’ web design. That means that your website will adapt to whatever platform it is accessed on. All good developers now know how to build these, so speak to your web designer about a change.




Build an app – There are now well over a million apps on the Appstore. That’s just Apple alone, there are another million on Google Play. An app could do wonders for your business. It could help boost sales and build awareness. It will increase customer engagement and you can take advantage of location services. Speak to a company that specialises in app development in London. Think about how your business could function as an app and start building!


Social media – If you’re not already embracing social media, then now is the time. Social media is one of the most important activities in the mobile sphere. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are wildly addictive and have a huge mobile presence. Photography apps are particularly powerful in the social sphere.

You need to tap into that by optimising your social media content for mobile devices. Use photos and content that jump out on a mobile device. Engage and communicate with your customers through social media. This is only going to get bigger over time.


Online shopping – Online shopping has already had a huge impact. With the advent of the internet, our entire culture of shopping has changed. High street stores were forced to close and big names had to alter their business methods. New names like Amazon cropped up to dominate the market.

Online shopping has become wildly popular thanks to tablets. Almost 80% of tablet owners used it to buy something in the last seven days. Optimise your website or app for shopping and you’ll see huge increases in profit.

Embracing the mobile revolution will entirely change the way your business operates. This all for the best as you’ll see profits soar and engagement reach an all time peak!

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