How Technology Continues to Change Live Entertainment

Live entertainment has always been quite reliant on technology, and that is not without good reason. New technological developments and improvements have helped performance art grow to new heights, while also creating entirely new venues for artists to explore. From blasting electro beats to almost half a million people in Tomorrowland to entertaining millions of rock music fans at the Monsters of Rock festival in Moscow – it was all possible because the technology was there to make it possible. With that in mind, let’s quickly take a look at three major impacts of tech on live entertainment.




Temporary Power Distribution: The Tech to Power All Tech


Temporary power distribution is where it all starts, because without it, park concerts, EDM shows, beach festivals, or any other form of live entertainment would not even be possible. From stage lights, strobe lights, and audience area illumination to amplifiers and those giant speakers, they are all powered by temporary energy distribution tech. If you have a show coming up anytime, you will need a customised temporary power distribution package. Energy Distribution Hire offers advanced energy distribution tech to other sectors such as construction sites, and even individual households in case of emergencies.


DJ Mixers: Perfect Combination of Music and Machine


David Guetta, Marshmello, Skrillex, and countless other DJs around the world bring large crowds alive using incredibly complicated DJ mixers today. These sophisticated machines represent a direct merger of music with technology, which created an entirely new music genre called EDM. The first mixer was invented and manufactured back in 1970 – 71, but rapidly advancing technology modified that original concept in gradual increments from there. Five decades later, several smaller improvements have paved the way for modern mixing beasts like the Rane Seventy-Two or the Pioneer SVM1000.


Live Streaming: A Massive Step for Live Entertainment


A combination of software, hardware and networking technology first created and then improved live-streamed entertainment into what it is today. The format is still growing, but live streaming received its first massive boost during 2020. Even when people were not able to attend shows live, they were still able to enjoy live performances from their favourite artists at home.

The scope of live streaming is far greater than simply being an alternative to attending live shows. Just go through the following to understand how important live streams can be for both artists and their fans.

* Live-streaming via social media channels is allowing budding artists to grow in popularity and receive true global exposure.
* Established bands and solo performers live stream all the time from live, public events for further exposure.
* Viewers are seldom short on live entertainment, even if they cannot attend a live show.

Soon, live streaming in virtual reality (VR) could turn out to be the next big step. It will build on high-quality live streaming tech, by adding VR compatibility to it. Although this might take a long time before becoming commonplace, it cannot be denied that the level of immersion VR concerts can offer would be revolutionary in its impact.


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