How to Make Money Online With Social Sharing Plugin

Social networking has become one of the growing entertainment and publicity platforms. Now every news and happening in the world are first shared on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Blogging industry is also not behind in using social sharing buttons on their website. We have gone through many social sharing plugins in WordPress but is a unique social sharing plugin which let’s website admin to earn revenue from it. Question is that how we can make money online with social plugin ? WordPress plugin


How Works? Social sharing plugin is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to earn when visitor click on ads shown after sharing your post to the social network. As per “When somebody shares content through, there is always a pop-up confirmation to notify the person that they’ve successfully shared using Publishers have the option to take advantage of that pop-up to deliver targeted advertising to their viewers”. Benefits for Publishers


There are mainly 3 benefits of using social sharing in the website, which are as below.

1. Generate Revenue: It helps you to generate additional revenue from your site without using your ad space.

2. New Viewers: Help you to build new visitor for your site.

3. Social Analytics Dashboard: Provide all the sharing statistics through a single dashboard where you can see which post is shared how many times and from which country and much more features.

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How to Create & Step-up Account with

To create account with you need to sign up with which takes only 5 min. Just choose your social sharing style as shown below and click on sign-up and get code.


After sign-up with, you will have to install Social sharing WordPress plugin and put the publisher key to active the plugin. Publisher key is available in your account. publisher key

Now you can also change position, orientation, and setting of your social sharing widget.


How to See Earning in

You will not see any revenue or earning tab in your account and also nor in your WordPress plugin. To setup your revenue account you will have to mail luis[at]radiumone[dot]com and Luis will setup account for you. Revenue/earning dashboard is setup by “RadiumOne“. So enjoy earning while your visitor shares your content.

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