How to Auto Submit Articles to Facebook Page

Facebook has now become one of the most used social networking platforms and has given its users many options to promote and share their content and articles online with its users. In recent times, the Facebook page has gained a lot more popularity than any other social sharing platform product and is also one of the most used ways to gain online popularity and traffic. If you are running a website or blog, you must be using a Facebook page but the problem is that you have to post each and every blog post individually to your Facebook page.

So to solve this problem and making this process automatic, we are here with our new article, which will let you know, how to automatically post your blog post to Facebook page and this work for all type of blogging platform like WordPress, Blogspot, Joomla etc.


Auto post on Facebook


Services Which Let your Auto Post Article on Facebook Page


1. RSS Graffiti : This is a Facebook app that lets you publish your blog RSS feeds to Facebook automatically. You just have to add your blog RSS feeds in source and desired Facebook page to destination and then just click on ON button to activate your publishing. In the source field, you can add more than one feed also.

Tech2blog Rss Graffiti

After adding your RSS feed, you can update your setting anytime, and also you can set a number of maximum posts to be published per update. This service is absolutely free of cost.




This is another tool by which you can post your blog content directly to social networking sites. This service gives you many options to choose from. You can automatically post your content directly to Google plus page, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter and many other networks. Out of these services, to automatically post to the Google+ page, you must be a pro member, the rest all are free to use.


dlvr Facebook auto post


For auto posting in Facebook, just put the RSS feed of blog or twitter from where you want to post, in source and then route it to the Facebook page by connecting Facebook account in the destination. The best part of is that you can add multiple feeds in one source, so you can post from different blogs or Twitter feed to one Facebook page.


3. Jetpack WordPress Plugin:


Jetpack is a very popular WordPress plugin and now also has facility to auto post your new blog post directly to your social network including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

If you have not installed Jetpack till now, do it now. It is all in one plugin, which you must have.


There are many other such auto-posting services that are available for free. Also, there are many WordPress plugin that provides the same service for free which we will discuss later. Above were some of the auto-posting tools which I personally use and are very user-friendly. If you know more tools like that, then please share them here with all. if you like our post, please consider sharing it with your friends.


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