Google Self Driving Car First Drive

Recently Google successfully tested their self-driving car and had the first test drive with passenger on the back seat or you can say only seat. This Google car does not have any driver seat and you just have to press GO button to drive it to your destination and this amazing automatic car is without steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal.

Google Self driven car
Image credit: Googleblog

Google self driving car project was started in the year 2010, where Google planned to work on human safety from road accidents and exploring car efficiency. Their main goal was prevent traffic accidents, free up people’s time and making environment friendly vehicle which reduce carbon emission. Chris Urmson is the director of this project.

Now this dream has become reality and after working hard for 4 years Google has developed a driver less car which can start and stop with click of a button. The speed of this self driven car is 25 mph.

Below is the video of Google self driven car’s first drive.

Technology behind Google Self Driving Car

Self driving car also popularly known as Unmanned car, Autonomous car etc. and as the name suggests these cars are driver less. So now the main question arises how these self driving cars run and operate without any driver and what is the technology behind it?

These unmanned cars are like robots and uses a laser range finder, GPS, video cameras, radar sensors etc. for their operation. These cars also use detailed maps which are fed in their memory. This data is collected using manual driven cars.

Radar sensor and laser range finder are mainly used to detect any obstacle in their path and work similarly as an obstacle avoiding robot.

These sensors are very powerful and can even detect objects which are far to a distance of more than 2 football grounds in all directions.

Advantage of Self –Driving Car

1. Fuel efficient: Self driven car will provide better fuel efficiency as they will need no human intervention and will be lighter in weight which will save fuel.

2. Avoid Accident & save life: Unmanned car will save human lives by avoiding unwanted accident due to drunk drive or human errors.

3. People can easily travel in night and avoid accident due to sleep.

4. Less traffic congestion.

5. Old people can easily commute.

6. Smoother ride.

7. Time saving.

These were very few advantages of self driven cars and there are lots more benefits of them. These cars also have some disadvantage like increase in unemployment as drivers will not be needed, Cyber security, loss of privacy etc.

Google is planning to make 100 such self-driven car prototypes and test them on the road and if everything goes fine, they will partner with some automobile company to bring this technology to the world.

Now the question arise is Google going to enter automotive industry and will competition to big brands after their successful test of self-driving cars ?

For me these cars are like fantasy movies and I hope to commute in such types of cars in future. Hope these care help in saving our environment too. I would love to hear your thoughts on Google Self driving cars and their future in India and worldwide.


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