Google Introduce Scorecard in Adsense Publisher Account

Google always try to introduce new features and facility to all its products. And try to make products more user friendly. This time Google has given new scorecard feature in Adsense publisher account which gives information about how well your Adsense account is performing on the basis of ad revenue, ad optimization, site health etc. on day to day basis.

Google Adsense Scorecard

The new Scorecard in Google Adsense account looks very promising to me as it will help me in my revenue optimization and tips for best performing ads, site speed performance and status of Google+ button on my sites.

A sample Google Adsense Scorecard is shown below, which consist of 3 key elements i.e revenue optimization, site health and Google+.

Google Adsense Scorecard Sample

1. Revenue optimization : If you click on revenue optimization, you will see that it further tells you about recommended ad formats for your website or blog, text and image ads enabled or not and crawler errors.

If anything goes wrong with these option, then it will show a yellow exclamation mark an if all is good then a green check. If there is a red signal, then it means that you have to improve your revenue optimization. All scorecard changes can be seen at Google help pages.

2. Site Health : If you dig deep in site health, you can see page speed performance status of your website. Google will automatically choose your website with the highest number of ad requests.

You can also click there to see page speed of corresponding website and can work to increase page speed.

3. Google+ : This is just for information that your site contains Google+ widget or not. If you don’t have Google plus button on your site, then you will came to know this by seeing this category.

Note: This feature is only for your information and if you have low score then don’t worry Google is not going to take any action for low score and it will suggest best practice to overcome that.

I would like to thanks Google Adsense team for this awesome feature of scorecard and it will really help all the publishers. Please let us know what you think about this great feature from Google through your comments and email.

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