Google AdSense Auto Ads – What You Should Know?

Google has come up yet again with innovative ads known as “Auto Ads“. This is the new method to place advertisements on your website and uses machine learning to place your ads in the perfect spot and help you in increasing your online earning. In this article, we will know more about “Google AdSense Auto Ads” and how to get its code.


Google AdSense Auto Ads


Google launched AdSense Auto Ads on 21st February 2018 and these ads use machine learning to make the decision on your behalf and put the AdSense ad unit at best location on your website according to the performance. This not only saves the time of the publisher but also increase their revenue.

Let see some of the benefits of Google AdSense Auto Ads.


Benefits of AdSense Auto ads


  • Ads Optimization
  • More revenue opportunities
  • Easy to use and implement
  • Works well with pre-existing Ads


With the help of machine learning, Auto ads display ads only when they are likely to perform good and provide the amazing user experience. As they will use unused space on your website at the best time, so you have more opportunity to see more revenue.

Now with “Auto ads”, you don’t have to place your AdSense ad code again and again. Just put Auto ads code only once where you want to display ads and your website is ready to rock. You can control Auto ads using your Google AdSense publisher account.


Steps to Enable Auto Ads


As said above Auto ads are simple to set up and below you will see the steps, which you need to do. Though Google already gives the notification to enable Auto ads, once you login to AdSense publisher dashboard.

1. Login to AdSense publisher account and click on “My Ads“. Then select “Auto Ads” and click on “GET STARTED” as shown in below screenshot.

AdSense Auto Ads Setup 1


2. Now, you have to choose global settings. It allows you to choose which type of ads you want to show on your website like Text & display ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads, matched content, etc. It will be implemented on every website where you use that code, except pages in your URL groups. After enabling the ads which you want to display on your website, save it.

AdSense Auto Ads Global Setting-1
AdSense Auto Ads Global-Setting-2


3. Now in the final step, you will get the code for ‘Auto ads’ which you need to put between the <head> tags of your website. Let me know if you have any issue with putting the AdSense code. It generally takes 10-20 minutes for ads to appear on your page.

AdSense Auto Ads Code


Above were the complete steps to implement ‘Google AdSense Auto Ads’ on your website. Now let see some of the common misconceptions about Auto ads.


Myths about Google AdSense Auto Ads


1. Do I have to delete my existing AdSense Ads?

No, you don’t have to remove your existing Adsense code, Auto ads will automatically detect the ads on your web page and will identify new potential ad placement.

2. Auto Ads will cause latency in Ad serving.

No, as AdSense is analyzing the page before the ad request is sent and there will be no latency and more CPU usage on the client browser side.

3. AMP Auto Ads code is the same as Auto Ads code.

No, The AMP Auto Ads code is completely different from Auto Ads code and cannot be interchangeable. The publisher has to include AMP Auto Ads code for all their AMP pages and Auto Ads code to show Auto Ads on non-AMP pages.

4. Auto Ads will place ads anywhere all the time.

No, this is not true. Auto Ads will only place the ad when it will find good placement on your website.


Note:- Don’t include Auto ads on pages with floating menus or inflexible layout.

Hope you are now more clear about AdSense Auto Ads and still if you have any doubts, please let us know through your comments.

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