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On May 1, 2013
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JustCloud is a professional cloud storage service, which provide unlimited storage for all your files, music, documents etc.

In modern day technology, availability of resources and information has become one of the main concerns of every one, whether he or she is a professional, student, freelancer, Doctor, Engineer, etc. Our main important data should always be handy with us. With the evolution of cloud computing, availability of data all the time has been made possible. At present there are lots of companies which are providing professional cloud storage service with many features and choosing the best one for our need is a very important task, and one of such professional cloud storage services with unlimited space is

JustCloud Cloud Storage Service

This professional cloud storage facility from JustCloud is very simple, fast and more importantly unlimited. So you never have to worry about space. Once installed, JustCloud will automatically start to backup your files and store them securely online, provided you have installed their application on your PC, Laptop, Android or windows devices.

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This unique service will automatically backup the documents, photos, music and videos stored on your computer, in the cloud so you are never without files again.


How JustCloud Works


Working of JustCloud is very simple. Once you have signed-up for just cloud, you can download its desktop application and all the files and folders you have selected will be backup and save to the cloud. Now if you made any changes to the documents and folders, all these changes will automatically synch to cloud without any manual intervention.


Key Features of


1. Unlimited Cloud Storage.

2. Fully compatible with different Operating system like Windows 7, 8, 2000, XP & Vista (32 & 64 bit), Mac OSX 10.5+ and Linux and phone devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry.

3. Sync Multiple Computers.

4. 100% Automated Service.

5. Access files anywhere.

6. Complete Data Security.

7. 14 day trial account.

8. 24×7 Technical Support


Plans of


There are 3 different plans in as per different need of individuals i.e. Home, Premium and Unlimited.

JustCloud Plans

1. Home Account: In Home plan, you get 75GB online storage which is fully automated and with anytime money back guaranty. Currently the subscription fees of this plan is $5.95/month, if you purchase for 2 years directly, otherwise you will have to pay $8.95/month.

2. Premium Account: This plan is very popular and comes with 250GB of online storage and with anytime money back guaranty and is also 100% automated. Currently monthly fees of Premium plan is $6.95 if you subscribe for 2 year term, else you will have to pay $9.95/month.

3. Unlimited Account: As the name suggest, this plans comes with unlimited storage capacity with anytime money back. This is also 100% automated service and will backup every bit of your data to cloud. Monthly price of unlimited cloud storage is $12.95 for 1 month but if you subscribe for 2 years, then you can get this deal only in $8.95/month.


Discount/Offers on


If you register now, you can get 35% flat off on your all subscription instead of default 20% discount. So after 35% of exclusive discount your Home plan will be now for $3.59/month, Premium plan will for $3.96/month and unlimited plan will for $5.56/month, if you choose 2 year period. I think its a great deal to grab.



Bottom Line is a very good professional cloud storage company and offer very awesome features and function. If you are looking for reliable cloud storage service, then this is the company to look for. If you have doubt or concern please let us know through your comments. If you are not sure, then I will recommend to take 14 day free trial first and then choose plan accordingly.

JustCloud is a professional cloud storage service, which provide unlimited storage for all your files, music, documents etc.

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