Rs. 499 Dual SIM Phone Detel D2800 (Make In India)

With the phenomenal growth in the Smartphone industry, everyone is buying Smartphone as they are now cheaper and smarter than in the past. Feature phone days are long gone and they are now less costly. Recently, I purchase Rs.499 dual SIM phone from Detel, just to check are we getting same quality which we used to get before. So, read the complete article as I do the hands-on review of Detel D2800.


Detel 2800 Make In India


This is one of the cheapest dual sim phone, which comes with MicroSD slot. The price of this phone is even less than our movie budget. Let see what features and specifications this phone has to offer.


Key Features of Detel D2800


  • Display 4.5 cm (1.8″)
  • Dual SIM Dual Standby
  • Auto call Record
  • Flash Light
  • 3.5 mm Jack
  • Audio/Video Player
  • MicroSD up to 16GB
  • Battery 1050 mAh


Detel D2800 has a display of 4.5 cm (1.8″) and has 2 SIM slots. It also has ‘Auto call Record’ features and requires you to have the memory card as it’s internal memory is very less. The phone supports upto 16GB MicroSD card.

If you live in the places where electricity is the problem, you can use its flashlight for some of the tasks. It supports 3.5 mm Jack, which is a common standard in almost all the phones now.

Detel D2800 also has FM radio which requires headphone to be plugged in. The phonebook is quite adequate i.e. 500.

As far as battery is concerned, it has 1050 mAh and If we talk about battery performance, which is generally selling point for the feature phones, I would say the battery is OK of Detel D2800, as it is working for around 4 days without any use.

I didn’t use phone between these days and only got few incoming calls, which were not picked as it was a test phone. And to my surprise, the phone only lasted for 4 days. I was thinking this phone would work for at least a week before dying.

If we talk about the build of this phone, the phone is lightweight, but the body does not fit properly. The buttons are OK, not very smooth.

The delivery of this phone took around 12 days from the date of purchase which is quite acceptable. I ordered the phone on 6th November and received it on 18th November 2017.


Contents in the Box

The box of this phone contains, Detel D2800 phone, earphone, battery and charger. I didn’t have good experience with the charging of this phone. The charger seems faulty and the phone is not charging with it.


Detel D2800 Content in the Box


Currently, I am charging my phone with USB charging cable and once I get time, will try to visit the service center.


Price of Detel D2800

The base price of Detel D2800 is only Rs. 445.54 and after 12% GST the final price is Rs.499. The phone can be purchased from their official website.


I am sure you have got the idea about this phone and if you are thinking to try it, now you can make your decision. Do let us know what are your thoughts about Detel D2800 and would you consider this phone as your secondary phone?

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