Create A/B Experiments for Ad unit settings within Adsense Dashboard

In our recent post, we told you how to create Responsive Google Adsense Ad unit within your Adsense dashboard and thus increasing your click through rate even when your website is viewed on Smartphones and tablets. In this article, we will discuss about how to create A/B experiments for Ad unit settings within Adsense dashboard and implement it into your website to see which ad unit setting is performing well on your blog and giving you more earning.

What is A/B Experiment ?

Most of you must be wondering what the hell is this A/B experiment and what are the benefits of using it. In general terms A/B test or experiment is an old way to check which ad unit are performing well on your website and blog by merging 2 Ad code and thus showing users different ads on each page load.

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Thus you can make a good decision that which Ad is performing well for this Ad slot on your blog. But this new feature of Google Adsense is for your ad unit settings like color combination, video and text ads or different font.

Recently Google has modified its Adsense Ad policy and provided the official A/B testing code for Adsense users. And now they have brought New Adsense experiments feature for your ad unit settings.

Note: This is not A/B Test for Ad unit but it is for Ad unit settings and you can know which Ad unit settings is performing well for your Ad in terms of color, font etc.

Steps to Create A/B Experiments for Ad unit settings

1. Go to your Google Adsense dashboard.

2. Now click on My Ads tab and then to Experiment link on the left hand side as shown below.

Adsense AB Experiment settings

3. Now click on the New Experiment and build your new experiment test for Adsense setting.

Adsense Experiment Ab setting

4. As shown fill up your experiment details like name, goal etc. and choose your Adsense unit to whom you want to test.

5. Now you will have to choose the variant which you want to do. You can change the Ad type, color and font setting etc. After modifying it according to your requirement, click on start experiment and don’t forget to check “Let Google optimize the traffic split“. This will allow Google to display best performing ad unit maximum time and this keeping your online earning high.

Adsense Experiment Variation setting

After starting your A/B experiment for Ad unit setting you will see that it has started running. It takes around 24 hours to generate your confidence score for the two ad unit settings. The score will tell you that which ad unit setting is performing well for you i.e. original or variation.

Confidence score will change with the progress of the experiment and Google strongly recommends that you should wait until one of the scores reaches at least 95% before choosing that particular setting as best for you. The best part of this experiment is that once you choose the winning setting, it will be automatically applied to the selected ad unit and the experiment will end.

Time to time Google is bringing new features to its products whether it is Blogger, Adsense, YouTube, Gmail etc., so I will recommend you to take advantage of this and use maximum features to earn high revenues with your Adsense ad units. After successful running of this experiment in our blog I will be sharing the score and ad unit settings with you. If you have any question of feedback than please comment here our at our Facebook fan page or Google Plus page.

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