5 common mistakes to avoid while managing Google AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords is one of the most (if not the most) popular affiliate advertising programs in the world and this is mainly because Google is the biggest and most popular search engine in the world. There are a lot of mistakes you can make with affiliate advertising and many of them include spending too much, but since most affiliate advertising companies have employed the daily budget limit function it is not as much of a problem, plus many people get burned once and then learn their lesson (in other words people don’t leave it unchecked for weeks).

Here are a few of the most common mistakes that people make.


mistakes to avoid while managing Google AdWords Campaign


1. Setting your cost per click too low


Nobody wants to end up paying too much, which is why many people put their CPC as very low, and it is not a bad thing but it is not very effective. Some say you should put your bid higher and overpay so that you may gain more clicks, have a better click through rate and therefore increase the supposed quality value of your advert. This is not really a great idea and as you may expect–the middle ground is where you want to linger.


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Appearing on the first page is not vital, but low-balling your keyword bid prices too much is going to mean that you are going to get very few clicks or even very few impressions. As time goes though the day and the week, you will see that bid prices go up and down.

A low bid price may still see you on the first page at certain times of the day, so think about adjusting your most important keyword selections with a different price on a daily basis and low-balling your other keywords in the hopes that they may snag you a viewer or two during the week.


2. Having too many keywords


This is where you have one ad group and throw in too many keywords and it is partly the fault of Google because you will often get little alerts telling you that you can have X amount more keywords and it is just not relevant. Sometimes the keywords you have picked are just enough because there are only a few ways that a western English speaker can understand a term and its relevance to their search.


The problem comes when a lot of your most carefully selected keywords are not visible on the search engine. You see the warning saying that your advert is not running because the search term (keyword) is not popular enough. It tempts you to add more and more keywords with the hopes of getting more impressions, but the key is to focus on the few that do run and get you targeted clicks instead of throwing more keywords into the mix.


3. Rushing your campaign


You may not have guessed it but rushing your campaign is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. You have to ally three areas, the first being the keywords, the second being the advert and the third being the landing page. If all three are not set in harmony then you are going to end up either paying too much, getting a poor click through rate or a poor conversion rate once the user hits your landing page.


4. Not grouping your keywords correctly


This is a campaign problem where you do not group together the keywords that are best suited for each campaign. In most cases, it means that adverts are shown for keywords that they are not 100% perfect for.


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It often results in a smaller click through rate and a smaller conversion rate. If you keep similar keywords in the same groups then you may not get as many impressions but you are more likely to get a better result from your adverts on the whole.


5. Picking poor quality keywords


This is a mistake that some people make even after putting in a lot of effort. It may be difficult for some people to use the keyword planner and it Google has a way of making you feel as if you should use more keywords because yours are no good.

For example, you may research around fifteen keywords that you think are perfect, only to find that five will not spawn adverts and eight are going to cost you a higher amount or else you will not be on the first page.

This may encourage you to find more keywords and that is when you are at risk of picking a few bad ones for the sake of having more keywords spawn adverts.

This post is provided by Kate Funk, an occasional blogger and a full-time writer at Aussiewriter. Kate enjoys teaching others how to benefit from different apps, business and marketing techniques as she a wide experience in networking.

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