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This is not usual post which I write but it is very important to tell you all about this. Today I am going to share our experience with hosting from where I purchased some domains for blogging. It is a always advisable to check your bills and credit card statements time to time or after making any purchase as it may have been billed twice. The same mistake my brother made and didn’t check his credit card statement and was billed twice and not for 1 year but for continuously 2 years.

Netfirms credit card statement check

I know that you all must have heard of, which is a domain and hosting providing company and must have bought some cheap domain names from them. In this post I am not going to review as I have not used their hosting service but yes I am using some domains ordered from them. This is our true experience with Netfirms.

You might be surprised to read above that we were cheated for 2 years and the best part was that our billing was annual and not monthly. The whole story begins 2 years before when my brother bought a few domains from and after purchase he didn’t check his credit card statement. At that time only we were charged twice for the same order and Netfirms gave bill/invoice for only one.

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The whole incident came to our notice, when my brother was annually charged again and to my surprise this time not only for domains but also for hosting which we have not taken. And this time also Netfirms hosting company charged double amount without any bill and the amount this time was CA$ 215.76.

Netfirm Billing fraud

As you can see above screenshot of the Netfirms billing account which proves that they charged CA$ 215.76 completely extra in the June 2013 billing cycle and CA$29.88 extra in 2012 billing cycle on the same day and as the amount was big, so it immediately came to notice while paying credit card bill.

On checking credit card statement and our Netfirms billing account we came to know the reason behind extra credit card bill and immediately wrote an email to the Netfirms billing team. They quietly accepted their mistake and their billing team returned the money.

Can you imagine what would have been the scene when we have not checked our credit card statement after a huge deduction from it and what would if we have checked our credit card statement on first time. I think we should not have believe this web-hosting company blindly and should have checked the statement of our credit card on first order.

Finally, I would like to suggest you that you should always check your credit card and debit card statement carefully after making any purchase from any company or any online store or web hosting company. I am not pointing out any particular company, any company/store can do this or it can also happen by mistake. I am sure there will be more customer like me facing similar issue on billing from Netfirms or any other hosting company. If you have any such experience with any company, do share here through your comments or email. I hope you will find this information useful and will surely check your card statement from next time.

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