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On June 18, 2013
Last modified:April 28, 2015


Bluehost is the cheapest web hosting for WordPress sites and in my suggestion you must try this web hosting as you have noting to fear with anytime money back guarantee.

Are you planning to move your blog from Blogspot to WordPress ? Are you looking for Cheap reliable web hosting for WordPress ? If the answer to the mentioned questions is YES, then this article will really help you in getting cheap and reliable web-hosting at great prices without wasting much time. Some time choosing the right web hosting for your online blog or website can be a very headache job and here we are going to discuss about Bluehost hosting, which is according to me is the cheapest web hosting for WordPress.

bluehost cheapest hosting

There are many plans and packages which Bluehost offers like Shared hosting (Standard & Pro), Reseller web hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting but in this review of Bluehost, we will only focus on shared web hosting, which is best for a new blogger and best for hosting WordPress websites.

In this brief review, we will tell you about what are the benefits of Bluehost hosting, what are there key features, what are their price etc.


Key Features of Bluehost Hosting


1. Unlimited Domain Hosting
2. Unlimited Disk Storage
3. Free Domain Name for 1 year
4. Unlimited GB of Site Transfer
5. Custom Cronjobs
6. Unlimited Add-on Domains
7. Unlimited Email Accounts
8. Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
9. Unlimited Sub-domains
10. Secure Shell (SSH) Access
11. Anytime money back guarantee

After reading key features of bluehost, you must have got an idea that how much unlimited features are you getting with this hosting.

Apart from being the cheapest hosting provider, Bluehost has many reasons to be chosen from other host. Many of the reason we have already given you through the key features above. The other reason which makes bluehost most used web-hosting is that, this webhosting is best for many other content management software’s like Moodle, Drupal, Joomla etc. apart from WordPress.



This hosting comes with one click WordPress installation facility, so you can make your blog/websites running in few minutes with many other free scripts. With Bluehost you also get the facility of password protected directories, which ensures your data is always safe.

The other reason for choosing Bluehost is that it has very strong server infrastructure which constitutes of dual-quad processor servers, 24/7 network monitoring, multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections, power backup (ups+ diesel) etc., so chances of web-site downtime are negligible.


Pricing of Bluehost Hosting


Bluehost is a very cheap hosting provider as compared to any other host like Hostgator, Dreamhost, BigRock, Godaddy etc.

Currently for shared hosting plans, bluehost is offering $8.99/month for 1year and if you buy for 36 month term i.e 3 years then you get this at discounted price of $6.99/month.

You must be thinking that, Is there any benefits for Tech2Blog readers at bluehost ? You will not be disappointed to know that if you sign-up now for Bluehost now, you can get unlimited web hosting at $3.95/month. 🙂

Note: If you purchase bluehost hosting, then you can get free installation of WordPress from us for FREE.


Bottom Line


Overall if you think of buying cheapest web hosting for starting your blog or website, then Bluehost should be your first choice on the basis of its features and pricing. If you still feel that any other web hosting can beat that price, then do let us know through your comments. As always, we are eager to read your valuable feedback, so do comment and if you like this post then sharing it on your Social network.

Bluehost is the cheapest web hosting for WordPress sites and in my suggestion you must try this web hosting as you have noting to fear with anytime money back guarantee.

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