Blogger Introduced Enhanced Image Upload Feature

Blogger which is the most widely used free blogging platform has now introduced new image upload feature which is more easy to use and loaded with enhanced features. Previous year Google has brought a new interface for blogger with many additional features like SEO description, new Permalink, Blogger affiliate etc. and now it has given new interface to upload pictures in Blogger.

blogger Enhanced Image Upload

Now, if you will try to upload new image on blogger post, it will show you new interface for uploading your pictures with new options like upload from this blog, upload from webcam etc. as shown below. And it still has old uploading option as it is.

blogger new image upload

Key Features of New Blogger Image Upload

1. New cool looking image upload option.
2. Now you can directly insert old image from your blog.
3. Insert image directly from your Picasa web album.
4. Now you can also upload photos directly from your Android phones which is part of Google+ for Android and iPhone
5. Photos can be directly uploaded from Webcam.
6. Multiple imaged can be uploaded in a single click.

Above were the new enhanced image upload option which Blogger introduced, though till now I do not find any official statement about this by

Blogger image upload from old post

Out of all above features I like two feature most. First feature which I like is directly inserting any old picture from your blogger blog post to new post and secondly adding multiple pictures at same time and after that you can select which image you want to insert on post by selecting it.

I must say that blogger is doing very hard to introduced new features and option in and giving tough fight to another free blogging platform If you are also using for blogging or like this free free platform like me, then do share your thoughts on the new blogger update and do consider it sharing with your friends.

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