[2019] Basic SEO Tips For Your Website

SEO is both a science and an art. When done properly, SEO can bring you a steady flow of targeted leads. This is why responsible business owners hire experts to optimise their website for search engines. However, SEO experts are expensive, so you may not afford one right off the bat. This article shares a few SEO tips for your website, to help you attract more organic traffic.


Basic SEO Tips For Your Website


Keyword Research

First of all, you should know that keyword research is by far the most important part of the SEO process. It can make it or break it for you. If you choose extremely competitive keywords, you may never manage to rank high enough to matter. Since Google adds lots of bells and whistles to the top of their SERPs, organic results fall below the fold on most devices.

If you are not among the top three results, very few users are actually going to see your listing. For best results, you must choose keywords you can rank for without huge investments of time and money. On the other hand, targeting keywords that don’t have decent monthly search volumes or high commercial potential isn’t going to bring you results, either.

Furthermore, you must invest in a reliable keyword research tool and in specific training. Beware, though, these tools aren’t cheap, so you may be better off with hiring an SEO consultant to help you.


Relevant Content

Once you’ve chosen your keywords, you must ensure the content of your website is relevant for those terms. Always assign one main keyword to each of your pages, but make sure you use plenty of synonyms and related terms. Good copy should be able to rank for a load of long tail keywords. This isn’t to say that you should stuff your copy with keywords. Write naturally, without thinking about search engines.

Human readers are the most important. Search engines have the ability to understand when your readers are happy. Satisfied readers they spend longer time on your website and visit more pages per session. By targeting your human readers, you’ll indirectly target search engines. Besides, keyword stuffing is a black-hat technique that may attract severe Google penalties.


Avoid Search Engines Penalties

Speaking of penalties, it is easier to prevent than to lift them. Avoid all shady practices that promise great short-term results. Use only legit activities and techniques, even though you’ll need to wait a bit longer to see their results. SEO is a long-term game, so get ready to play it properly. Once you get penalised, you’ll have to fix the problems and to ask Google to lift your penalty.

Unfortunately, some websites never recover. The best SEO tips for your website one could give you are to stay safe and to avoid risky practices.

Stay Updated

Always stay on top of SEO news by following the blogs of the best experts in this industry. Furthermore, keep an eye on Google’s blog, as they publish important information that may affect your SEO strategies and tactics. Whenever a new algorithm update takes place, the winners are the ones that find out the first. Being the first to implement a change will offer you a significant competitive edge.

Proper Link Building

Last but not least, never rush your link building campaigns. If links aren’t acquired at a seemingly natural pace, this could trigger an automatic alert. As you probably know already, Google has such mechanisms in place. It’s in your best interest to avoid triggering them. Keep an eye on your top competitors to see how fast they are building their links. Follow their pattern. Try to acquire only inbound links that are relevant to the topics of your website.

Wrap Up

These are a few SEO tips for your website that might help you improve its visibility in search. Implement them carefully, and feel free to make the necessary adjustments. Different niches have different needs and rules when it comes to SEO. Ensure you understand what your main competitors are doing, as this is the only way you can replicate their success. Study their backlinks, their linking strategies, and their content. Use this knowledge to make your website better than theirs.

This is a surefire recipe for success. However, you must be capable of maintaining a good level of motivation for a very long time.

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