5 Apps That are Perfect for Use With a Stylus

Using a stylus with your smartphone can help preserve the screen and improve your accuracy when making selections. While a stylus doesn’t work well with all apps, it proves particularly effective with several popular ones. To take full advantage of your stylus, consider pairing it with these apps.


Apps That are Perfect for Use With a Stylus


Character Maker

If you’ve always wanted to draw despite your lack of innate artistic talent, you’ll love Character Maker. It costs just $3.68 via the Google Play Store, and it helps you learn how to draw people even if you don’t have any experience. The makers continually add new functionality and templates to help you expand your drawing repertoire.


Character Maker - How to draw


A stylus works especially well with drawing apps like Character Maker because you can fine-tune your approach. Your fingers might prove too wide to draw on the screen effectively, so the fine-point stylus creates better results. When paired with a powerful smartphone such as the Galaxy S7 edge, you’ll enjoy this app even more. The S7 edge has a brilliant 5.5” Quad HD Super AMOLED screen on which you can draw all the way to the edge.

You can also use a stylus effectively with other drawing apps, from Auto CAD to How to Draw. If you enjoy drawing or you want to learn, your smartphone can become its own master class, and many drawing apps don’t cost a dime.



Adult coloring books have soared in popularity over the last couple years, but you don’t need a pack of colored pencils or markers to gain the benefits of coloring. Apps like Colorfly allow you to color detailed drawings right on your smartphone. The stylus gives you fine control when you’re coloring tiny nooks and crannies in the image.

Coloring — whether on paper or on a virtual screen — can calm your nerves and help you focus. You’ll get lost in the detail work as your stylus moves across the screen, and you might find it easier to concentrate after you finish a coloring session. Colorfly is a free app, which makes it particularly appealing, but you can also upgrade to get access to new patterns and pictures as well as a wider range of colors.



As one of the best note-taking apps on the market, ColorNote allows you to stay organized with a single handy app. Create lists, itineraries, memos, and more with this app so you don’t have to carry around hundreds of slips of paper. A stylus makes this app even more convenient because you can wield it like you would a pencil or pen.

You can use your finger to write notes to yourself on ColorNote, but the lines will be much wider, which can make your writing more difficult to read. Plus, since you’ve written with utensils since grammar school, you’ll find the stylus extremely familiar as you jot down reminders and prepare for your next vacation, exam, or shopping trip.



Believe it or not, game apps can also improve when you add a stylus to the mix. For instance, 2048 took the world by storm a few years ago as a simple game that doesn’t require much concentration. You’re simply pairing numeric tiles to create larger numbers until you finally make a 2048 tile.


2048 Android Game


The stylus makes your movements far more precise as you grab tiles and swipe them across the screen. If your fingers fumble the swipe and move the tiles in the wrong direction, you can throw your entire strategy out the window. Other games, such as solitaire, can also become easier and more enjoyable with a stylus.


Scribble Racer

If you’re in the mood for more imaginative gameplay, Scribble Racer allows you to combine your Galaxy S7 with a stylus to move from point A to point B. A two-dimensional scene plays out before you as you avoid obstacles and snag power-ups. It’s an ongoing game that can become mesmerizing, and it’s free.

A stylus makes every move more exact. Whether you’re playing a game, making a note, or drawing a scene, consider using your stylus for improved results. Plus, you won’t have to worry about pesky fingerprints on your screen.

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