Apple iOS 9 – The Next Best Thing!

There are very few things that create a worldwide buzz as an Apple release does. And ever since the iOS 8 failed to live up to the incredible expectations placed on it by Apple users, they have been waiting for a course correction from the Apple engineers. The news so far from the Apple workshop has been encouraging, to put it lightly.

In this article, we will take you behind the scenes of what is being perceived as one of the meanest, smartest and most innovative Apple iOS update ever! Yes, we are talking about the Apple iOS 9 and how it is already sending the tech world into an unprecedented frenzy.

Apple iOS 9 features

Testing phase:

Apple, almost never, does public testing of its releases by employing random testers. But this time around, breaking norms seems to be the norm. A per reliable sources, test devices like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, iPad Air, iPad mini 3, and iPad mini 2 is currently in the test phase in various parts of America and Europe.

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Apple engineers are actively collecting feedback’s from these testers and using this input to fix the bugs and fine tune overall experience. It is quite obvious that they want to come up with an iOS update that is going to be welcome even before it is released.

What to expect?

Although it is quite difficult to exactly list out all the features and specifications of the new update, we can safely assume that they will strike a balance between stability and performance. All the previous released had rendered some old models obsolete due to the new technology incorporated.

This trend is continued to expect this time as well as some of the old iphones and devices might not support the iOS 9.

Various commentators in different forums have focused on the added power the new iOS 9 is going to bring into various Apple devices. Apple executives have dropped subtle hints of an increased RAM capacity and some sources are even predicting a doubling of RAM! If that is the case, this could be the most powerful iOS release in its long history.

Much speculation has been made about the various features expected in the iOS 9. We have compiled a list of expected features based on our inputs received from trusted sources close to the Apple executives.


The feature list of Apple iOS 9


  • Apple maps set for a total overhaul: To compete with the increasingly perfect Google maps and Nokia Here map, Apple has finally decided to pay more attention to its navigation and location technology. The improvements witnessed in the iOS 8 were a step in this direction and we expect more of the sort in the latest release as well.

  • Embracing an open world: Apple has been notorious for the way it has treated jailbreaking attempts in the past. Although it goes against the ethics of its business conduct, Apple has finally recognized that all jailbreak attempts are not aimed at disrupting its patent agreements. In some case, users simply want to get more out of their high end devices and hence retort to such measures. This is still a grey area and more advancement is expected.

  • A humanized Siri: This has been another area where much focus has been laid in the past. Considerable efforts have gone into turning Siri into a near-human virtual assistant and all the efforts finally seem to be paying off. Testers have responded positively to the upgraded Siri in the Apple iOS 9. Microsoft’s Cortana is already a few notches ahead in the game and it is widely expected that Siri will soon catch up with her.

  • Customizable Home Screen: This has been a long standing request from its users worldwide which is all set to be realized with this latest update release from Apple. IOS 9 will feature a much more customizable and user friendly home screen thus taking the user experience to new heights. It is expected that new widgets will be added to the home screen.

All said and done, the iOS 9 is going to be ground breaking more ways than one. Watch this space for updated inputs on iOS 9.

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