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On September 24, 2016
Last modified:March 26, 2019


If you are looking for SINGLE theme which can fit your different niche along with the capability of detecting ad blockers and providing key Ad placement options, then Ad-Sense theme is the one.

As we all know, there is recently an increase in the use of Ad blockers in browsers due to which Bloggers and Webmasters are in pain as it is affecting their revenue. So, if you are a Blogger and looking for a solution to display your content to only visitor who don’t have ad blocker, then you can check Ad-Sense WordPress theme from MyThemeShop, which I am going to review today.


New WordPress theme by MTS which is called “Ad-Sense” is a very Ad friendly WordPress theme and forces users to disable their ad blocker program if they want to see your content.

This WordPress theme has lots of features and is very friendly, below are some of the features you should check first before you read our review.


AdSense WordPress theme with Ad Blocker Detection


Features of Ad-Sense WordPress Theme


  • Ad Friendly WordPress Theme
  • Different Ad Placement Areas, AdSense Ready Theme/li>
  • 8 Beautiful Pre-defined Layouts
  • Fully Responsive WordPress Theme
  • In-built Ad Blocker Detector
  • Supports Responsive Google Ads
  • Hide Post Content if Ad locker is Detected
  • SEO optimized
  • Speed Optimized


Also, do check below video.


After reading above features and seeing video, I am sure you must have got the idea what this WordPress theme has to offer.

I have installed this theme on my personal blog and using it for a few days and below are things which I liked most about this theme.



Ad Blockers Detection and Content Locking


Detection of ad blockers is one of the main feature of this theme which attracted me a lot.

The online advertising industry is very big and the people who are creating the content online are affected due to ad blockers. As per survey, 5% of website visitors are blocking ads, so if the amount is big, 5% counts a lot.


Switching ON Ad Blocker Detector on WordPress Theme


This theme offers very easy to configure ad blocker detector, you just have to ON the option and you are good to show ads to the people who want to see your content.

You can show a notification in the form of Pop-Up and floating notice. Even you can hide full content or some part of the content with shortcode, if ad blocker is detected.


Key Ad Placement Areas


Ad-Sense WordPress theme comes with very key ad placement positions, which has maximum visibility and can surely increase your CTR and earning.

Now you can also show ad just below your navigation menu, which is a very good placement position for the ads.

You also get an option to display ads on your website header, below the post title and below post content.


Pre-Defined Layout for Different Niche


If you are looking to buy one single theme which can fit your different niche, then this is the theme to buy, as it has many different layout from its default view to fashion, recipes, news, sport, baby blog, fitness and shopping. Though you can use it to any other niche also.


Ad-sense Theme layout
Ad-sense Niche Layout


You can use one single theme to unlimited websites, so just go and try it.


There are many other noticeable features, which you will love, like “Call to Action Section” in the header, so do check this WordPress theme.


Price of Ad-Sense WordPress Theme


For all these features, the price of this theme is very nominal, i.e. $69 but if you buy now with below link you will get it at only $47. If you are not sure, do check its demo first.

MTS has many free WordPress themes, so do check them out even if you are not buying this “Awesome WordPress theme”.



I am sure you will like this ad blocker detector WordPress theme and will surely try on your blog to increase your revenue. If you have any issue, concern or feedbacks, please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe us through email for more such awesome themes.

If you are looking for SINGLE theme which can fit your different niche along with the capability of detecting ad blockers and providing key Ad placement options, then Ad-Sense theme is the one.


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