Select All Emails in Microsoft Outlook Web Access

As I was working with my official Microsoft Outlook web access client after a long winter break, I found that my mail box is full of thousand of email and my mail box is bouncing additional emails. In frustration I click CTRL+A to select all my email but all in vain, as Outlook web access don’t have that option. You can only select email which are shown per page in the mail box. So the main question arise is how to select all emails in Microsoft outlook web access ?

Microsoft outlook web access

After researching a lot in my Microsoft outlook web access client and Google, I found that there is a script by which you can select all messages in outlook web access. I tried this script in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome but it didn’t work for me. Don’t know why many commentator’s have leaved the comment that it is working like a charm and it has saved lot of there time

Update: As code was not appearing correctly, we have removed it. Please check it here. To use above script, you just have to put it in browser URL and give it a try.

Simple Workaround to Delete Microsoft Outlook Web Access Mail Quickly


As I was searching for simple solution and workaround to delete the mails quickly, I found that you can do that in 2 simple ways.

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I) You can change the setting of your Outlook web access and can show upto 100 mails at a time per page. See below screenshot to change the setting.

Microsoft Outlook web access option

Microsoft Outlook web access option2

Just go to the option of your web access and select 100 items to be displayed per page. By doing so you can delete 100 Emails at a time, instead of 25 mails which is default option.

II) Secondly you can setup your Outlook web access to Microsoft Outlook. Using Outlook utility will help you to store more messages directly to your hard disk and you can also select all email messages using CTRL+A. This is the most recommended method for all.

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